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Banking Guide for the Canadian Construction Industry

The primary purpose of this Guide is to foster a better understanding between members of the construction industry and the banking community. To do this, the Guide attempts to debunk some of the myths about both industries and to more clearly and correctly state the needs and expectations of both groups.

CCA's new Banking Guide is now available. Click here to download the guide in PDF format.

Doing Business in the US

CCA is pleased to announce that the Canadian Construction Association Guide to Doing Business in the United States is now available. To order a copy, please contact your local construction association. Click here to download the guide in PDF format.

Through a special arrangement, GVCA members automatically become CCA members as well. 


Construction Accounting Best Practices Guide On Revenue Recognition

The primary purpose of this guide is to identify and promote a better understanding of the accounting

principles relevant to the construction industry, in the areas of revenue recognition, future income taxes

and debt financing. It also discusses differential reporting options available to private companies. This

guide will provide guidance on when to use the percentage of completion and the completed contract

methods of revenue recognition, and demonstrate the effect these methods have on a company’s

bottom line. Click here to download the guide in PDF format.

Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction

According to Section 5 of the Regulation for Construction Projects (O. Reg. 213/91), before beginning work at a project every constructor and employer engaged in construction has to complete an approved registration form.

This form does not have to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour, but it must be at the project while the employer is working thereClick here to download Form 1000

CCA 1 – Stipulated Price Subcontract


Important differences between the 2008 and the 2001 editions for complete information please click here

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CCDC Complete Document Set


(2, 3, 4, 5A & 5B, 9A, 9B, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18) and Guides(20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48)

CCA Complete Document Set


(1, 5, 19) and Guides (16, 25, 26, 27, 28, 50, 51, 52, 61, 81, 82, 83, 90, 1993, 2011)

CCA 1 (2008)


Standard subcontract form between prime contractor and subcontractor where payment is based on a stipulated or fixed price. Users can choose between the refer-by-reference or standalone approaches simply by completing either page 2A or 2B (not both) and discarding the other page.

CCDC 2 (2008)

2008 Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner and Contractor

Standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work for a single, pre-determined fixed price or lump sum, regardless of the Contractor's actual costs.

CCDC 3 (1998)

Cost Plus Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs.

CCDC 4 (2011)

Unit Price Contract Between Owner & Contractor

Standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work for a pre-determined, fixed amount for each specified unit of work performed. The total price is determined by multiplying the unit price by the actual, measured quantity of work performed for each specified unit.

CCDC 5A (2010)

Construction Management Contract – For Services

Standard contract between Owner and Construction Manager for which the Work is to be performed by Trade Contractors. The Construction Manager acts as a limited agent of the Owner providing advisory services and administering and overseeing the contracts between the Owner and Trade Contractors.

CCDC 5B (2010)

Construction Management Contract – For Services and Construction

Standard contract between Owner and Construction Manager to provide advisory services during the pre-construction phase and perform the required Work during the construction phase. At the outset, the Work is performed on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs. The parties may agree to exercise the following options: Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), GMP Plus Percentage Cost Savings, and conversion into a Stipulated Price Contract.

CCDC 9 (2001) Seal

Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor or Subcontractor

A sworn statement for use by the Contractor or subcontrctor as a condition of receiving payment for either the second and subsequent applications for progress payment or the release of holdback funds.

Note: The CCDC 9A and CCDC 9B forms are a free download
To download 9A: http://www.ccdc.org/downloads/ccdc9a/ccdc9a.pdf

The download 9B: http://www.ccdc.org/downloads/ccdc9b/ccdc9b.pdf

Each Statutory Declaration requires a seal and the CCDC 9 seal listed below can be used on both CCDC 9A and 9B forms.

CCDC 11 - 1996 (R2006)

Contractor's Qualification Statement

A standard form for obtaining information on capacity, skill and experience of Contractors bidding on building construction projects.

CCDC 12 (1994)

Project Financial Information

A model form to assist the Owner in showing that financial arrangements have been made to fulfill the Owner's obligations under the contract (e.g. CCDC 2).

CCDC 14 (2013)

Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and Design-Builder where the Design-Builder performs Design Services and Construction under one agreement, for a single, pre-determined stipulated or fixed price.

CCDC 15 (2013)

Design Services Contract between Design-Builder and Consultant

Standard contract between Design-Builder and Consultant to perform the design services required under a design-build contract between Owner and Design-Builder.

CCA 16 (1992)


A guide outlining a change-order checklist. Includes a model change-order quotation form.

CCDC 17 (2010)

Stipulated Price Contract for Trade Contractors on Construction Management Projects

Standard contract form between Owner and Trade Contractor to perform the Work for a single, pre-determined fixed price, regardless of the Trade Contractor's actual costs. It is specifically for use where the project is performed under the CCDC 5A Construction Management method of contracting.

CCDC 18 (2001)

Civil Works Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and Contractor for civil works construction, e.g. roads, bridges, dams, underground utilities, etc.

CCA 19 - (2011)

Stipulated Price Sub-SubContract

Standard sub-subcontract form between subcontractor and sub-subcontractor where payment is based on a stipulated or fixed price. Users can choose between the refer-by-reference or standalone approaches simply by completing either page 2 or 3 (not both) and discarding the other page.

CCDC 20 - (2008)

CCDC 20 - 2008 A Guide to the Use of CCDC 2 - 2008 Stipulated Price Contract

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 2 - 2008.

CCDC 21 (2000)

A Guide to Construction Insurance

A guide document explaining construction insurance policies and requirements in CCDC contract forms.

CCDC 22 (2002)

A Guide to Construction Surety Bonds

A guide document explaining the surety bonding process and the purpose and function of the CCDC standard bond forms (i.e. CCDC 220, 221 and 222).

CCDC 23 (2005)

A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts

A guide document outlining the process of soliciting and evaluating construction bids, and awarding the construction contract. Includes a sample bid form.

CCDC 24 (1996)

A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents

A guide document to assist users of CCDC 2 - 1994 in meeting the administrative requirements outlined in that standard contract form. For each model form the guide contains a brief explanation of each of the administrative processes involved, a short narrative description to guide users of the form, a list of items which should be included in the form, and an example of a model form.

CCA 25 (2001)


A guide outlining the project management concept and describing the project manager’s role and standard of performance in managing a project from conception through design to construction and commissioning.

CCA 26 (2000)


A guide describing the construction management method of contracting. It explains the recommended roles and qualifications for a construction manager as well as provides guidelines for the selection process and fee schedule.

CCA 27 (1997)


A guide outlining sound environmental practices in the construction industry. It serves to assist contractors in developing an Environmental Management Program.

CCA 28 (1996)


A guide identifying where cash flow problems generally occur in a construction project and suggesting possible solutions.

CCDC 40 (2005)

Rules for Mediation and Arbitration of Construction Disputes

Standard rules for mediation and arbitration of CCDC 2 construction disputes to be used in conjunction with the dispute resolution procedures of CCDC 2.

CCDC 43 (1988)

A Guide to the Use of CCDC 3 - 1998 Cost Plus Contract

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 3 - 1998.

CCDC 45 (2011)

Guide to the use of CCDC 5A - 2010

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 5A - 2010.

CCDC 46 (2011)

A Guide to CCDC 5B Construction Management Contract - for Services and Construction

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 5B - 2010.

CCDC 47 (2011)

A Guide to CCDC 17 Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner and Trade Contractor for Construction Management Projects

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 17 - 2010.

CCDC 48 (2002)

A Guide to the Use of CCDC 18-2002

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 18 - 2001 Civil Works Contract.

CCA 50 (2003)

Prime Contractors Guide & Checklist to Construction Contracts (2003) CCA

CCA 50 offers detailed guidance to prime contractors on understanding their client’s financial strength and how they are financing your project. This guide shows how a prime contractor can minimize the risk of non-payment prior to bidding on a project, prior to signing a contract, and during the administration of a contract. A financing risk management checklist is also provided to list questions that a prime contractor should ask during the bidding and contracting stages, and types of security available to minimize the risk of non-payment.

CCA 51 (2008)

Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Subcontracts

A guide recommending best practices in all aspects of the bid calling and award subcontract process.

CCA 52 (2008)

Joint Venture Guide

A guide that introduces the concept of a joint venture in commercial construction, outlines the potential advantages and risks, identifies keys to a successful joint venture, and provides a checklist of commercial considerations for a joint venture agreement

CCA 61(2008)

Risks of Pre-purchasing Equipment and Materials for Construction Projects

A guide explaining the costs and risks associated with pre-purchasing equipment and materials, which may outweigh any anticipated economic and scheduling advantage.

CCA 81 (2001)

A Best Practices Guide to Solid Waste Reduction

A guide providing an overview of federal, provincial and municipal waste guidelines and the CCA’s Waste Management Code of Practice.

CCA 82 (2004)

Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry

A guide offering practical advice on mould-related issues (legal, insurance, and health considerations). It also offers helpful information on how to minimize its presence, identify and measure it, and step-by-step instructions on remediation.

CCA 83 (2004)

Environmental Best Practices Guide for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

A guide providing owners and operators of hot mix asphalt plants with information and guidance related to the management of their plant assets in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion. The guide contains checklists that owners can use to improve their plant’s environmental performance.

CCA 90 – 2007


A guide document offering the value and benefits of electronic procurement. It identifies the key issues and recommended “best practices” for the process.

Guide – 1993

Recommended Guidelines for Provisioning Geotechnical Information in Construction Contracts

A guide jointly developed with the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada to assist owners, consultants and contractors in overcoming problems associated with geotechnical information provided in construction contracts.

Guide - 2011

A Trade Contractor's Guide and Checklist to Construction Contracts

A guide outlining certain contractual provisions which can adversely affect the trade contractor's rights and obligations. Includes a checklist for trade contractors.

Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost

DOC 205

Methodology Assessment Matrix

A comparison chart to help Owners choose the right project delivery method for their particular project. Available as a free download at http://www.cdbi.org/documents/index.html

Hardcovers for CCA

Hardcovers for CCA Documents

Hardcovers for CCA 1, 5 or 17

Hardcovers for CCDC

Hardcovers for CCDC Documents

Hardcovers for CCDC 2, 3, 14, 15 or 18


Ontario Lien Act

Declaration of last supply

CCA Human Resource Toolkit

A Guide to Leadership in the Construction Industry

Designed to provide employers in the construction industry with practical guidance on human resources related issues, this toolkit includes explanations of key concepts, templates, and case studies. It contains modules on workforce planning, recruitment and selection, workforce engagement and performance, and a prescription for leading in changing times.

The purchase of this hardcopy toolkit includes access to download over 50 forms and templates relating to finance and administration, health and safety, conduct and discipline, employment, strategic planning, and promoting careers in construction

CDBI Series 100 - 2013


A design-build overview from a glossary of design-build terms and acronyms to design-build variants and consultants roles.

CDBI Series 200 - 2013


A guide to the procurement and award process for design-build projects from developing RFQs to copyright and patent issues. Also describes how to develop the Owner’s Statement of Requirements and Selection Criteria.

CDBI Document 210 – 2004


A guide for Owners to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). It describes the principles and organization of the general requirements contained in a typical RFP.

CDBI Series 300 - 2004


A guide designed to help design-builders to confidently and professionally respond to requests for Qualification (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP).

CDBI Document 310 – 2004


A guide to conceptual estimating and how it plays a very important role in the design-build process.

CDBI Series 400 - 2009


A guide designed to assist Owners and Design-Builders to understand the Design-Build process. The guide also includes a comprehensive list of Design-Build terminology, information on agreements , schedule & cash flow, payment, changes, dispute resolution, the role of authorities having jurisdiction, to mention a few.

CCDC 220 (2002)

Bid Bond

Standard surety bid bond form guaranteeing the bidder's intention to enter into a formal contract and to provide the specified contract security if the bid is accepted.

CCDC 221 (2002)

Performance Bond

Standard surety performance bond form guaranteeing performance of the contract by the Contractor.

CCDC 222 (2002)

Labour and Material Payment Bond

Standard surety labour and material payment bond form guaranteeing that the Contractor will satisfy all labour and material payment obligations incurred in performing the contract.

CCDC 41 (2008)

CCDC Insurance Requirements

Standard insurance requirements to be used in conjunction with the insurance provision of CCDC contract forms.
*A free guide that is included as the last page of the CCDC 2 - 2008 electronic document.