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Professional Ethics in Construction Course
21st November 2012
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9:00 - 10:30am
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Professional Ethics in Construction

Wednesday January 16, 2013 9am - 10:30am


The goal of this seminar is to improve ethical decision-making in the field of construction. One must first evaluate issues, policies, practices and situations. Ethical decision-making and ethical evaluation can be improved with an understanding of ethical perspectives and ethical principles. It will provide the attendees with a basic understanding of ethical theories and principles that will enable application to work/business related situations.


This class will provide learners with an understanding of these ethical theories and ethical principles. They are the basis upon which ethical evaluations of issues can be made. Having evaluated an issue in terms of the various ethical theories and principles, a reasonable and ethical decision can be made.


Course Objectives:

Evaluate workplace/business issues, policies, practices, situations etc. in terms of ethical perspectives and principles

Apply ethical principles and theories in the workplace

Describe the fundamental conditions of an ethical decision according to various ethical theories


Instructor: Martha George, GSC - Grand Valley Construction Association

Where: GVCA, 25 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge

Cost: $25 +HST per member $50 +HST per non-member



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