Answers to the most common questions we are being asked during this crisis.

GVCA has received many important questions from you, our members, about issues that are impacting your business and your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.   We are sure you have many more, but here are some of the common ones. Keep in mind that the situation is changing daily, and we will continue to provide updates.


Q. What are the obligations of construction business owners to continue to work?

A. The Provincial government has deemed construction as an essential service, so all construction projects are on-going.


Q. I bid the project based on my trades’ productivity levels. Now I have to implement new methods and my production will decrease substantially. I risk losing money on the project. Is this fair?

A. Sadly, everyone will experience loss of productivity and increased expense by meeting the new safety protocol and implementing new work methods.  It will result in a cost to the industry and to your firm. If you have innovative ideas, we ask that you share them.


Q. I am a subcontractor. What are my obligations to show up on site?

A. You need to be aware of the contractual obligations in your contract.  If the project is under a CCDC 2 contract, as a sub, you are party to the terms and conditions that the General Contractor has with the owner.  Read your contract; find out what your obligations are before you make a decision about working on a project.


Q. I am a General Contractor under an obligation to meet a schedule and the subcontractor refuses to show up because of COVID fears. What can I do?

A. The General Contractor is responsible for the safety of everyone on site. You are responsible to ensure that measures have been taken to meet the new strict guidelines of cleanliness, social distancing, and protection of workers.  Your methods are to be communicated and demonstrated to everyone on site, and are to be monitored.  These methods could include shifts to limit the number of workers on a site at one time, or adding extra protection to work areas like hand washing stations, hand sanitizer stations, and continuous clean-up of washrooms, lunch areas, and work areas. Implement a system of temperature taking of anyone entering the site, and ask questions about their general health, their travel, and if anyone they live with, or has come in contact with, is showing signs of Coronavirus.


Q. The 2-metre social distancing mandate does not allow me to install my product. What should I do?   

A. Attempt to do a work-around to accommodate your tasks and take measures to protect your workers.  Provide masks, gloves, and goggles.


Q. Can I suspend or defer work on a project without damages?

A. We are working with CCA, the Provincial Government and all industry partners (bonding and finance) to inform them of the difficulty meeting contractual guidelines under these circumstances, and we are asking for relief. 


Let’s communicate with each other.  This is tough on everyone, but if we work together for solutions, we will be in a better place.  We are all dependent upon our pay cheque at the end of the week, so let’s do everything we can to make that happen in a safe, respectful and caring way.

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