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Publish certificates and notices on Link2Build for just $199 per notice

Construction purchasers, owners’ representatives and prime contractors can publish Ontario legal notices on Link2Build. Link2Build charges a flat fee of just $199 per notice—regardless of length. Learn more.

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BOLD Awards Gala 

We're Building On Leadership Development.  

We like congratulate our winners in each of the following categories: 

Craft Award - for a skilled tradesperson.
Safety Award - for an individual's commitment to safety on the job.
Onsite Award - for an individual who brings the team together on a job site.
Leadership Award - for an individual who demonstrates professionalism and leadership qualities.
Spirit Award - for an individual who with social responsibility and who inspires others.
Customer Service Excellence Award - for an individual who has provided exceptional customer service.
Outstanding Apprentice Award - for an individual enrolled in an apprenticeship program and has shown their desire to make their chosen trade  a career.

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The new Construction Act

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GVCA Leaders in Construction BOLD Awards

LinC BOLD Awards Gala Evening on January 23, 2020. Buy your tickets and sponsorship now !  

GVCA Building Excellence Awards 2020

Building Excellence Awards

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