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The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) conducted research in partnership with Abacus Data, a leading polling firm, to examine factors that are influencing or will influence the industry over the next five to 10 years. Dozens of interviews with expert representatives from the Canadian construction industry as well as a thorough review of industry literature review informed this unique report. We categorized the issues explored into five key themes: workforce, technology, market forces, procurement and the future of associations.

Each trend was considered in two ways: context and industry perspective. Context provides a brief explanation of the wider environment in which the trend is operating, and industry perspective summarizes the views of the industry experts and how they see the trend impacting the Canadian construction industry.

This report is not meant to be exhaustive. We invite you to read it as a launching point to engage in a wider conversation about how the Canadian construction industry is changing, and how those changes impact all of us and your firm.

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