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In 2019, eSolutionsGroup, a Waterloo-based company, announced the development of a completely new web-based application that uses the existing Link2Build ONTARIO brand.

The application was developed specifically for the Ontario Construction Alliance Association (OCAA), a coalition of the following seven associations:

  • Windsor Construction Association
  • London and District Construction Association
  • Grand Valley Construction Association
  • Niagara Construction Association
  • Ottawa Construction Association
  • Kingston Construction Association
  • Northeastern Ontario Construction Association

These associations represent the majority of the province’s construction stakeholders. They use the web-based application to collect construction tenders for the entire province and display them in one place. Companies that become Link2Build ONTARIO members benefit from more bidding tools for estimating and more time to prepare bids. A major bonus of Link2Build ONTARIO is that it integrates with eSolutions’ digital bidding platform, bids&tenders. Currently, more than 200 buyers post billions of dollars in bid opportunities exclusively on bids&tenders.

“One of our three pillars of service is to build business and advance opportunities for members throughout Ontario,” says Martha George, President of the Grand Valley Construction Association. “The integration with the bids&tenders e-bidding platform elevates our ability to deliver on our promise.”

With hundreds of open bids every day, and nearly 10,000 construction bids awarded each year, an annual bids&tenders subscription in combination with Link2Build ONTARIO has launched business development into a new stratosphere. The bids&tenders platform makes it easy for subscribed members to find bids that match their specific interest categories, so they can focus and optimize their sales effort. It also provides the opportunity to extend geographic reach if subscribers wish to move into new markets or sectors of construction.

“The bids&tenders platform grows each year, not only in users, but in capabilities as well. The constant evolution of our product is one reason why we have never lost a client in over 15 years,” says Alison Carden, Principal at eSolutionsGroup and product owner of bids&tenders. “Our platform makes it easy for buyers to post, manage and award bids. For bidders, it provides one clear, consistent process that guides them along the way, ensuring only compliant bids can be submitted. There’s also nothing to print, bind and deliver by courier. And when you’re a busy construction company, saving time on admin work means more billable hours.”

This agreement with Link2Build ONTARIO assures clients that their construction projects are reaching deeper into the construction stakeholder base than ever before, leveraging OCAA’s extensive reach.

About bids&tenders

Open to small, medium and large companies, bids&tenders is a user-friendly e-bidding platform that makes it easy for you to review, register for, and submit bids anytime, and from anywhere. We give you access to hundreds of daily postings in all sectors across the province, and North America. We also make sure your bid is 100 percent compliant, every time. Make better use of your workday with bids&tenders.


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About Link2Build ONTARIO

Link2Build ONTARIO is a construction tender-sourcing application which collates, posts, tracks, and reports on over 10,000 construction tenders per year in all construction sectors throughout the Province of Ontario. It is powered by the seven long-standing independent Construction Associations listed above, in addition to construction tenders from over 200 bids&tenders clients.

Publish a Certificate

Construction purchasers, owners’ representatives and prime contractors can publish any of the following Ontario legal notices on

  • Certificates of Substantial Performance
  • Notices of Non-Payment of Holdback
  • Notices of Termination
  • Certificates of Completion of Subcontract
  • Notices of Intention to Register a Condominium

Link2Build charges a flat fee of just $199 per notice—regardless of length. As a value-added service, Link2Build also offers the ability to instantly notify all subcontractors and suppliers on the construction team as soon as your certificate is posted.

Notices are published to the Link2Build site upon acceptance of payment, remain archived on the site indefinitely, and comply with all requirements stated in the Construction Act.

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