The Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) collaborates with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) to offer our members access to the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program. This program offers safety training, networking opportunities and financial incentives.

This program is similar to the previous Safety Group, which it replaced in November 2019, with the key difference being an increased flexibility compared to its predecessor.

Join the GVCA WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

Contact us to join the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEP).


HSEP begins with an online assessment that helps you understand which among 36 elements may be most beneficial to them. You can choose from between one and five elements to work on per year. The elements form part of your individual Action Plan. As you participate in HSEP, GVCA will work with you to develop your chosen elements over the course of the year. 

GVCA will assist you in completing an assessment and selection of your topics. Your work is then sent back to WSIB for validation. Upon validation, you will earn a minimum rebate of $1,000 to $50,000 per topic, depending on your predictability rate (you can find your predictability on Compass). It will be either 1.4% or 2% of your yearly premiums.

GVCA provides you with 10 two-hour facilitated sessions to help you complete your work. We also include 1 one-on-one session in your fee.


HSEP is open to any company, regardless of their experience with Safety Group or even if they have already completed their Certificate of Recognition (CoR) designation.

In the news

2019 WSIB launches Health and Safety Excellence Program

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) will launched the follow-up program to its successful Safety Groups program November 2019.


2018 Award Winners (Safety Group)

WSIB LogoThe WSIB awards GVCA Safety Group members, SG Cunningham and Zero Environmental, with 2018 Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards

Gold Level – SG Cunningham, Waterloo, $5,000

Silver Level – Zero Environmental, Kitchener, $3,000

Bronze Level – Bread and Butter, Kingston, $2,000

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