The Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) collaborates with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) to offer our members exclusive access to the WSIB Safety Group programs. These programs offer safety training, networking opportunities and financial incentives.

Join the GVCA WSIB Safety Group

Fill out the Safety Group application form and submit it by email to join.


You will pay an annual fee at the following rates:

  • First-time members pay $1,925 + HST and a 3% rebate fee
  • Returning members pay $1,675 + HST and a 3% rebate fee

Each successful company will receive a base rebate of $3,000, and an aggregate amount based on their percentage of premiums paid to the WSIB.


To participate in the GVCA WSIB Safety Group, you must:

  • Be a Schedule 1 firm
  • Be in good standing with the WSIB
  • Commit to one full year of membership
  • Not be a member of the Small Business Health and Safety Programs
  • Participate in only one safety group at a time


As a GVCA member of the WSIB Safety Group, you receive full support and guidance from our professional health and safety facilitators. This includes a 2-hour private consultation.

You will also receive training and networking opportunities, such as:

  • Case Management training (4-hour course that is offered twice a year)
  • Industry expert seminars
  • 10 local working meetings each year (held in Cambridge, London and St. Catharines)
  • Networking with like-minded companies

Members also benefit from administrative support in the form of:

  • Financial incentives (up to 5% rebate on your WSIB premiums in addition to other rebates you already receive)
  • Safety topic templates
  • Monthly meeting notes (including WSIB, Ministry of Labour (MOL) and industry updates and news)
  • Injury management – Form 7 assistance
  • Full audit preparation (if you're selected for a Safety Group audit)
  • Provincial and federal advocacy

Join the Safety Group LITE

The WSIB Safety Group LITE is perfect for companies new to the Safety Group program. You get access to many of the benefits of a full member but with no pressure. While you're not eligible for rebates, you don't report to the WSIB and they won't audit you. The yearly cost for the program is $1,275 + HST.

Fill out our application form and submit it by email to register.


Video Testimonials

Additional Testimonials

“As Manager of Health and Safety for an organization of over 280 employees, which in turn employ hundreds of trade partners across southern Ontario, the Grand Valley Construction Association Safety Group has proven to be a huge asset to our organization. Any business involved in the construction industry would benefit from participating in a safety group and it is no wonder that this safety group has achieved such recognition as the Canadian Construction Association National Safety Award in 2015. Supported by a wonderful team of professionals the group is facilitated by Ellaline Davies whose knowledge and enthusiasm is outstanding. If you need a partner to work with your Health and Safety Program the GVCA-SG would be our number one recommendation.”

- John Craig, CHSO, Reid's Heritage Group of Companies

“The financial incentive was the initial draw, but the GVCA Safety Group has proven to be a huge asset to our company. The Safety Group has been beneficial in reducing the burden of workplace injuries/illnesses when they occur and at achieving success by pooling resources, mentoring and sharing best practices in the group. Utilizing the templates and the 5-Step module for creating the actual health and safety program documents have made the process easier. We highly recommend the GVCA Safety Group Program.”

- The Health and Safety Administrative Team, Con-Wall Concrete Inc. (London chapter)

“The program provides companies with the tools and guidance to maintain a sustainable safety program for their employees. The ongoing assistance and support from the group's facilitator, Ellaline Davies, has been outstanding. Her experience and knowledge is a great asset to the program. As the controller and safety coordinator of this company, I fully believe in and support the program to its fullest.”

- Karen Sammutt, Controller, Sure-Fix Service Group Inc.

“I would like to mention that I feel I have a true partner in the business with regards to safety. We appreciate and welcome all the information we receive from our Safety Group consultant. This is not something we can manage alone. The support my firm has received in dealing with difficult issues recently is invaluable and has given us confidence and knowledge. I feel that the participation in the Safety Group sets us apart from other firms in our industry.”

- Anthony D. Vitaterna, President Nexterra Substructures Incorporated

In the news

2018 Award Winners

WSIB LogoThe WSIB awards GVCA Safety Group members, SG Cunningham and Zero Environmental, with 2018 Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards: 

Gold Level – SG Cunningham, Waterloo, $5,000

Silver Level – Zero Environmental, Kitchener, $3,000

Bronze Level – Bread and Butter, Kingston, $2,000



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