Construction purchasers, owners’ representatives and prime contractors can publish any of the following Ontario legal notices on

  • Certificates of Substantial PerformanceLink2Build logo horizontal colour
  • Notices of Non-Payment of Holdback
  • Notices of Termination
  • Certificates of Completion of Subcontract
  • Notices of Intention to Register a Condominium

Link2Build charges a flat fee of just $199 per notice—regardless of length. As a value-added service, Link2Build also offers the ability to instantly notify all subcontractors and suppliers on the construction team as soon as your certificate is posted.

Notices are published to the Link2Build site upon acceptance of payment, remain archived on the site indefinitely, and comply with all requirements stated in the Construction Act.

Publish a certificate or notice

To publish a Certificate of Substantial Performance or other legal notice required under the Construction Act, visit the Link2Build website and fill out the appropriate form as completely and accurately as possible—including, if you wish, the email addresses of any subcontractors and suppliers you wish to instantly inform of the notice’s publication.

Click on the appropriate icon below to post your certificate or notice.

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After you submit the form and your payment information is approved, your notice will be published immediately to the Link2Build site, and will remain archived on the site indefinitely.

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