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The 2020 BOLD Awards would have recognized young people in our industry who were aged 40 or younger in 2019. Unfortunately, nominations and the ceremony were put on hold because of the pandemic. To accommodate everyone who would have been eligible then, and now, we have made some changes to our 2021 BOLD program. The BOLD Awards Gala will be held in April, 2022. 


Moving forward, GVCA's BOLD Awards will now be held every two (2) years and will pay tribute to young people in the industry who were aged 40 or younger in the previous two (2) years. If you submitted a nomination prior to COVID, it will be included this year.

How to Apply:

Nomination forms must be submitted online through the GVCA website. If you have questions or issues with any of the forms, please contact Lisa Lackenbauer at 519-277-0431 or email 

Nominations can be provided through recommendations of employers, suppliers, colleagues or through self-nomination. The Customer Service Excellence category is the only category where you can not self-nominate. Nominees can be an owner or employee of a GVCA member firm in good standing who meets the age requirement.

Age Requirement for Nominees:

To be eligible for a 2021 BOLD Award, a nominee must have been born in 1980 or later. If you do not know the exact birth date of the nominee, please confirm the year they were born on the nomination form.

A minimum of three industry experts will be selected as judges. All nominations will be stripped of personal and company identification to ensure non-bias.

Award categories are Craft, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership, Onsite, Outstanding Apprentice, Safety, and Spirit.


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