The Grand Valley Construction Association's (GVCA) Code of Ethical Conduct ensures that an equitable and inclusive collaborative environment exists for all of our members and affiliates.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall treat all members equally and fairly regardless of industry sector, geographic region or business size, and shall not show any preference or favouritism to one to the detriment of another.


GVCA's decision and policy-making process strives to serve the interests of the entire industry as opposed to a particular sector or region. GVCA volunteers and staff shall not promote the interest of one sector or region of the industry to the obvious detriment of another.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall disclose any self-interest or other factors that could be construed as influencing their decision making.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall strive to ensure that GVCA maintains its apolitical stature. While GVCA may support policies or programs that are developed, promoted or associated with a particular political party, it does not support a particular political party to the exclusion of others.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall ensure that any opinions expressed on GVCA's behalf are consistent with well-recognized GVCA policies and positions and are not personal opinions or beliefs unless clearly identified as such.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall at all times strive to ensure that the information and data they use is up-to-date and accurate.


GVCA volunteers and staff shall treat all sensitive material derived as a result of their activities with GVCA with the utmost confidentiality.

Discrimination and Harassment

GVCA is committed to providing its employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, and has a firm policy and procedure in place to ensure that no employee is subjected to discriminatory practices or harassment.

A volunteer is any person serving on GVCA committees, task forces or in other GVCA activities who does so without remuneration.

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