The undersigned hereby applies for membership in the Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) and, if accepted, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. the undersigned shall conform to the letters patent, by-laws, rules, regulations and policies of the GVCA;
  2. information contained in this application may be used by the GVCA for various purposes in accordance with privacy legislation including, but not limited to the following:
  1. listing in the annual membership trade directory;
  2. marketing purposes or research;
  3. electronic messaging sent out pertaining to bidding opportunities, education and event updates and industry-related news;
  4. members' information may be given to third parties as may be necessary;
  5. listing of membership information on the GVCA website; and
  1. GVCA will make reasonable efforts to ensure that members are advised of the purposes for which the information may be used.

Completing your member application

By completing the online member application:

  • You understand and consent to the collection and disclosure of the personal information provided in the online application.
  • You understand that you may withdraw your consent at any time upon providing written notification of such withdrawal.
  • You further understand that such withdrawal of consent will be effective on the 15th business day after receipt of the written notice of withdrawal by the GVCA.

If you do not consent to the disclosure of the personal information listed on your membership application, please email us [] or call 519-622-4822 ext. 124.

You understand that this decline of consent does not, in any way, prohibit the GVCA from disclosing any necessary information as may be legally required under provincial, federal or other legislation, or as may otherwise be required by law.

You understand that by refusing consent, you may be limiting the full value, benefit and effect of participating in this membership.

You further understand that if the full benefit of participating in this membership is reduced, you are not entitled to a reduction in the membership dues/fees.

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